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About BSM

We Are Privately Owned

BSM Logistics LLC is a privately owned and operated asset based Trucking and Logistics firm located in Indianapolis, Indiana . The firm specializes in transporting of Freight and Produce for both private and publicly held organizations. We offer full load and partial load services throughout NorthAmerica, Canada and Mexico.


What We Do

BSM Logistics offer both inner city delivery to long haul over the road trucking services. We are flexible in our offerings in order to create stability in the delivery of your goods. We offer GPS / real time services by Team Cruiser Solutions with ELD tracking systems so that you may have constant knowledge of your freight at all times for your safety and confidence in our organization 24 / 7.

What We Offer

We also offer Expedited Freight Services , 3PL Logistics, LTL Freight Services, Flatbed Trucking Services, Refrigerated Services and Warehousing at BSM Logistics, we don't create transportation and Logistic problems for your organization, we solve them with our team of highly trained and dedicated team of transportation and logistics professionals who have been in the Trucking industry for over 25 years.

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